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Home Maintenance Tips

If you haven’t already started preparing your home for the cold winter months ahead, please take a look at the suggestions below and get started! 1. Clean and Inspect Gutters Once all of the leaves have fallen, you should definitely … Continue reading

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Enhancing Your Deck and Patio with Lighting

Have you ever thought about ways to accentuate your deck or patio’s graceful lines and architecture with lighting?  Perhaps you are host to many outdoor evening soirees.  Or maybe you are looking for ways to deter would-be burglars from entering … Continue reading

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Green Lighting Measures for the Home: Effectively Using Daylight

Natural illumination is still the best type of lighting system. As humans we instinctively prefer natural light to electric light. There have been many studies done which show that natural lighting has a positive impact on well being and productivity ( So how about having these … Continue reading

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The Power of Insulation: Keep Energy (and Money) from Escaping Your Home

When we think of cutting our utility bills, we typically look for ways to use less and cut back on the little extras. That certainly works, but how about taking a closer look at the energy we waste, often unnoticed. … Continue reading

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Energy Guzzlers: Your Home’s Big Three

It may feel like a lifetime ago, but there was a time when the electric bill was referred to as the light bill. Those were the days when electricity was used mainly for lighting because there were few other appliances … Continue reading

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