Design Tip – Hiding Cords & Cables with an AV Cabinet

When you are planning your next remodeling project, it’s a great time to look at your existing space and decide what can be done to have more organization and a cleaner, neater look. One of our recent clients in Reston, VA hired us to frame and install a new fireplace and to create a TV niche above the fireplace. During the design phase, the homeowner asked what we could do to hide all the cords, cables, and electronic equipment like her cable box and DVD player. See photo below:

Before photo

Fortunately on either side of this TV alcove were framed walls with unused space inside. This allowed us the design flexibility to create a recessed AV cabinet. For our design, we decided to frame in the alcove, stack the fireplace and TV niche and build a stone veneer wall to join the two. See 3D design photo below:

3d design concept

We also designed the AV cabinet to go in the wall on the end to the left of the fireplace. One of our design priorities was to make the AV cabinet very understated, almost unnoticeable. So we recessed it into the wall and painted it the same color as the wall. Another requirement was providing for adequate ventilation since the electronic components would be generating heat. We decided to order a pre-made wood screen and built the cabinet on site. See picture below:

Outside of AV Cabinet

While the openings in the screen are rather small, we wanted to make sure that you couldn’t see anything inside the cabinet. So we painted the inside of the cabinet black. See photo below:

Inside of AV Cabinet

All of the cords and connections are fed from the back of the TV niche to the back of the cabinet so all the cords and cables are not visible at all. You may be wondering how the components are going to work with a remote control. We thought of that too. Right under the TV there is a small RF repeater that sends the signal from the remote control to the electronic components in the cabinet. So the homeowners only have to point the remote to the bottom of the TV. Since the fireplace is a Heat-n-Glo Escape 36 Direct Vent gas fireplace, we were able to install the fireplace starter components in the AV cabinet as well. The finished look is stylish and clutter free. See photo below:

Finished project

The homeowners were very pleased with the results and other than a remote control, they don’t have to see any AV equipment at all. If you don’t have an alcove just like this home, there are other ways to hide AV equipment too. Hire a professional remodeling company such as Summit Design Remodeling to design and build your clean, sleek new look.
Laurie Crum – Design Consultant
Summit Design Remodeling, LLC
Summit Design Remodeling is a design-build remodeling company serving all of Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland.
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