Simplifying Construction Planning Through CAD and 3D imaging

How Summit Design Remodeling Can Simplify Construction Planning Did you know that most professional designers, architects and design/build contractors are now equipped to generate home and commercial remodeling plans in three dimensions?  Industry professionals are using exceedingly sophisticated computeraided design “CAD” software to show cabinetry, roofs, wallpaper, paint colors, flooring, lighting and many other building elements very accurately, with such detail, and in such a realistic way, that the finished drawing is often interpreted by the novice as a fine sketch or even a photograph. Additionally, most CAD drawing programs allow the user to rotate drawings 360 degrees on both their horizontal and vertical axis thus allowing the novice to preview every nook and cranny of a project inside and out as if the project has already been built. CAD drawings were in their infancy less than two decades ago. Yet, today these programs are much more sophisticated and easier to use than ever before.

It’s important to know that CAD systems are readily available to builders, designers and architects. When you decide to choose one of these professionals you should ask how long they have been doing CAD drawings and ask them if you will be able to review your project inside and out in 3D before you are asked to approve the final plans. Building plan reviewers from your local jurisdiction require drawings in 2D, but will not turn away plans where details are amplified with the use of 3D views.

The highly skilled carpenters and designers that paved the way for the home remodeling business as we know it today never would have imagined how precise planning a project would become. Having said that, please remember that the most significant variable in construction is the human element. No matter how good the plan is make sure that you select an experienced design/construction team with a top notch reputation.

The principals of Summit Design Remodeling have been using professional CAD programs to generate drawings since the early 90’s.  Recently, however, we took this process to another level when we incorporated Chief Architect® into our design arsenal.  Chief Architect® allows the designers at Summit Design to virtually walk our Northern Virginia clients through their kitchen or bathroom remodeling project before the first cabinet is purchased or before the first board is nailed.  On a recent project in Alexandria, Virginia our designer was able to show the clients exactly what their 1930’s row house would look like if they took out the wall between their living room and kitchen and incorporated a peninsula into their kitchen design.

Here are a few examples of how photo realistic a Chief Architect® 3D drawing can be:

Chief Architect Bathroom 3D Rendering

Chief Architect Kitchen 3D Rendering

Rendering graphics from

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